We are Kentucky People Dealing with Kentucky People!

Many people in the industry say and think that Kentucky is the hardest state to cover for title work. They are right! The large 120 County coverage is long and wide and time-consuming to get to with the spread out and broad coverage. High Street Title Company originated in Kentucky and has a hand in keeping many Eastern KY counties organized. It takes a special kind of person to be able to relate and work in Eastern and Southern KY people. It takes Kentucky people to deal with Kentucky people!

High Street specializes in Eastern Kentucky work, abstracting titles and closing loans in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky is what we’ve done since 1986!

We Have Range!

So from Butcher Holler, KY to Metro Louisville, to the Land of the Lakes, around the Big Sandy, to the Bluegrass of Lexington….covering the state of Kentucky is our home and nobody can handle Kentucky work like us…Just ask anybody!